868 Media reported on two robberies which occurred within the span of a month’s time on the UWI St. Augustine campus. The incidents happened three weeks apart and have a lot in common, leading some to believe that both crimes were committed by the same perpetrator.

The first incident occurred near the Alma Jordan library on Feb. 25. 2019 at around 9:30pm. According to the story, a student’s bag was stolen from the bench on which they were sitting. It contained everyday items such as a jacket, pencil case, flash drive, and laptop. Though the laptop was the most valuable item in the bag, the campus security discovered it abandoned on the campus the following morning.

In the second incident a student’s car was broken into on Mar. 8. 2019 approximately between times of 2-3pm. In this incident, much like the last, some of the student’s everyday items were stolen, namely an iPhone charger and auxiliary cord. Much like in the other case, a laptop was in the car and was easily available for the robber’s taking. Yet it was only tampered with and left behind. In this scene the robber not only stole but he actually left back (in the victim’s car) a homemade loaf of bread.

In both robberies eyewitnesses stated that they saw an Indian man with a blonde mohawk committing the act.

The St. Joseph Police have not confirmed that UWI’s mohawk mischief maker was caught or seen again. However, the student robbed in the first story claims that they have since seen the perpetrator on campus.

Both students who were robbed are moving about with extra caution when on campus.

As for the bread, it was not eaten.  

James David Lanser is the editor and founder of 868 Media. He is a 21-year-old Trinidadian born writer and journalist whose work typically explores social, economic, political and cultural themes. To contact James, you can email: jamesdlanser@gmail.com

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