This article was originally written for The Daily Bread and was published there on September 8th 2018 with the title: “Feminism & Modern Business, The Plague of the Family.” It has been enjoyed by many readers of that journal.

Feminism & Modern Business, The Plague of the Family

Reject womanhood and soon all is but gone,
The war on family now rages and it must be won!

The topic of feminism is raging like wildfire across academia, the claim is that for virtually all ages women have been oppressed and are still oppressed today. The oppressor being the patriarchal system that is built upon masculinity. Feminism then is said to be a battle or a war with women and their struggles for equality on one side and masculinity and its history of ‘ontopness’ on the other. However, instead of focusing on what exactly the woman is, feminists spend more time trying to get female persons to aspire for the business-oriented success which males tend to dominate. Thereby feminists, whether they realize it or not are turning the female into the very masculine creature whom they despise. Feminists today have promulgated a hatred for motherhood and have made money the pinnacle of life. The movement is now an openly anti-woman and anti-family movement as it does not aspire and feed on the desire for equality, rather, it is fueled by the hatred for the job of looking after the home. Today then, a mass of women are being brought up with their heads bent down, looking down that is, on their mother rather than looking up to her as they should.

As feminism began to take root many were able to spot its contradictory foundations of sand​. English journalist G.K Chesterton stated in a famous work ​that feminism​ “is mixed up with a muddled idea that women are free when they serve their employers but slaves when they help their husbands.” Being on top of the business world and therefore, on top of complete strangers is (for the feminist) far more desirable than being on top of their own family whom they love. Being a manager in an alien organization is seen as a noble thing and being the manager of a self-owned home is now slavery. In fact, it is now understood to be better for women to either have a stranger look after the family or, not have one at all. This goes against the very nature of the family, womanhood, and economic activity because business and trade were brought into existence to provide for the family and not to demolish it.

Women today are told that they must win bread (have their own job/source of income) in order to have any sort of value or importance. Why? Because men win bread, and if women depend on men for bread then they are viewed as enslaved, even if they are given the bread out of love, rather than in return for slave-like labour where they are given the bread by an employer/master. Feminism is built on this materialistic and selfish idea that the job of being a mother isn’t a job at all since the one carrying it out is not dictated to and then paid in return. ​

Money today is showing its evil face, it is no longer generated for a family as it should, rather it is generated for the self, turning the very purpose of economics on its head. The blame for this unnatural inversion of economics cannot wholly be set upon some women but quite contrarily it falls on many men who were supposed to serve them by it. Since Greed and self-want became the reason for employment/work it simultaneously planted the seed of feminism.

You may be able to tell that I am incurably convinced that the reason for winning bread (money) is to feed a family and not to feed oneself, furthermore, I am even more convinced that it is not only bread that a family must feed on. For bread alone will choke and perhaps even kill. A family cannot live by bread alone; but by bread and by water and unlike bread, that is to be eaten three times a day, water must be drank all throughout it. I believe then, above all else, that men are far too weak and quite incapable of feeding the family the life-giving water that they need. For me, women are the spring of this luscious water, giving not only the physical life to their children but also providing the lake of prudence, justice, temperance, and courage, all of which are necessities for the family. These are the waters of virtue that ferment the bread and make it edible and truly sustain a family.

Ever since the raising of children and the passing on of virtue began to be scorned we’ve seen the world become far more broken than it already was. Justice became replaced with selfishness and greed for example, and anything goes once the ends justify the means. What we now need is women, women who are true women and not women trying to be men in the ugly sense, that is, in trying to be the “businessman”.

The current concept of ‘ontopness’ or prestige which I mentioned earlier cannot occupy a position of prime importance for anyone, male or female. For business, trade, and economic activities are but a means to this end and are not an end in themselves. Anyone in the world of business must grasp this concept so as to spread it, that way all may not continue to perpetuate the erroneous idea that coin-wealth is equatable to happiness. ​

It is only through virtuous living that we can truly achieve the society which we desire, and which is, of course, is at the heart of all our attempts at social reform. To achieve the dream we must forget the society that forgets the woman, which is nothing but a society that has neglected itself. After all, the woman is the life of the family, she is its cornerstone. However, we must also reshape our perspective on the market/business world seeing it to be what it is; a mechanism brought about for the family and not to its detriment.

James David Lanser is the editor and founder of 868 Media. He is a 23-year-old Trinidadian-born writer and journalist whose work typically explores social, economic, political, and cultural themes. To contact James, you can email: